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CPC Modular Course 2 (SL16) - Safe and Legal Driving (3.5hrs) : The Highway Code (3.5hrs)


7 hours (2 x 3.5 hrs)

Course Description

Course Content

Safe and Legal Driving

  1. Driving Offences
  2. Vehicle Checks and Defect Reporting
  3. Legal Responsibilities
  4. Alcohol and Drugs
  5. Tiredness
  6. Mobile Phone Usage
  7. Actions in the event of an accident

The Highway Code

  1. General Rules, Techniques and Advice
  2. Using the Road
  3. Driving in adverse weather conditions
  4. Waiting and Parking
  5. Motorways
  6. Road Signs and Markings

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01 January, 2015

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Kelly Green
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