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Digital Tachograph Training


4 to 5 hours

Course Description

Who is course designed for

Any driver who is going to use a Digital Tachograph for the the first time or is using one after a period away from use and requires retraining.

Course Content

  1. Legislation
  2. Introduction to the Digital Tachograph
  3. Operation of the Vehicle Unit
  4. Clock Change and Mode Selection
  5. Printer Handling
  6. Menu Functions
  7. Messages
  8. Card Withdrawal
  9. Understanding Printouts
  10. Driver and Operator Responsibilities
  11. Digital Tachograph Simulator

Digital tachographs are the replacement for analogue paper charts and were introduced following the adoption of EC regulation 561/2006. This regulation stated that, from 1st May 2006 the fitment of digital tachographs is mandatory, for all new vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

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Date Posted:
02 January, 2015

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Kelly Green
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