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Landing your perfect job

Interview tips... what to do/not to do

DO: Dress to make a good first impression

DO: Know the exact time and location of your interview 

DO: Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the interview start time 

DO: Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and maintain eye contact 

DO: Address the interviewer by their title - unless otherwise instructed 

DO: Sit still and upright in your seat throughout the interview 

DO: Prepare questions to ask the interviewer 

DO: Ask when you should expect to hear from the company next 

DO: Thank the interviewer for their time 

DON’T: Turn up late for the interview 

DON’T: Make negative comments with regards to previous jobs 

DON’T: Give the impression you’re only interested in the job for the money 

DON’T: Act as if you’re desperate for a job 

DON’T: Chew gum 

DON’T: Smoke before the interview 

DON’T: Leave your phone on during the interview 

DON’T: Slouch in your chair 

DON’T: Ask about salary or benefits - this comes after the job offer 

DON’T: Ramble on - just back up each answer with relevant examples

Asking the right questions 

Before an interview, try and come up with a selection of questions to ask your interviewer. This will aid in showing your interest in the position. Try not to ask questions that you should already know the answer to (such as: “what do the company do?”) Please find below a selection of questions you could consider asking:

Why is this position available? 

What exactly will I be doing should I be accepted for the position? 

What is a typical day like for someone in a similar position to the one I am applying for? 

Could you break the position into specific functions? 

Could you explain the company structure? 

Tell me about your style of management and the reporting structure within the company? 

Will there be a probation period for this position? How long? 

Will you encourage further education? 

How will you measure my performance? How often? 

Will my remuneration be tied to my performance?