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Local MP Unveils New Defib

Posted: 06th August 2019 | Written by Super CSS People

On Friday 2nd August, James Cleverly, MP and Chairman of the Conservative Party, (right) officially unveiled the first publicly accessible Defib in Braintree Town Centre.

The CSS Charitable Trust and the Braintree Fund have been working together over the last few months to install 3 publicly accessible defibrillators within the Braintree Town Centre for the benefit of all its residence and visitors.

These have been situated at 14 Manor Street, CM7 3HP (front of CSS Recruitment & Training building), 38 Rayne Road, CM7 2QP (front of CSS Recruitment & Training building) and 28-32 East Street, CM7 3JJ (front of the Archer Community Centre).

The publicly accessible Defibrillators can be accessed 24 hours a day via a locked storage unit. The access code for the storage unit is issued by the East of England Ambulance Service when you dial 999 in the event of an emergency. As they are semi-automatic no training is needed as the device talks you through the procedures step by step.

A box needs to be accessible within a minute of where a victim falls to prevent life-changing damage or death, which can occur in as little as three minutes so you will appreciate why many of these are needed.

To find out more about other Defib locations near to you go to

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Race Night 2019

Last Friday, 29th November we held our second Race Night at The Kavern located in Lakes Road, Braintree. We would like to say a massive thank you to all those that took part on the night by buying tickets and horses, our race sponsors and those that donated raffle prizes.

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Halloween Themed Cake Sale

We are pleased to advise that we raised £140.59 from the Halloween Themed Cake Sale in aid of the CSS Charitable Trust.On behalf of the Trustees and the fund raising committee, thank you all for taking part and for your donations which as always will go to supporting worthy causes...

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