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Abrasive Wheels Awareness


Half Day

Course Description

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In relation to abrasive wheels, PUWER 98 requires, among other things, that all machinery is suitable for its intended use and is properly maintained, and that employees, including those using, mounting and managing the operation of abrasive wheels, are fully informed and properly trained in their safe use.

Course Content: 

  1. The Need to Train and Statutory Requirements 
  2. Characteristics of an Abrasive Wheel and the Types 
  3. Marking of Abrasive Wheels 
  4. Speed 
  5. Hazards and Precautions to be taken 
  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  7. Storage & Handling 
  8. Inspection and Methods of Testing for Damage 
  9. Abrasive Wheel Machine Components 
  10. Guarding 
  11. Dressing & Balancing 
  12. Specific Mounting Procedures


Abrasive Wheels are used in many areas and can be highly dangerous if used by untrained personnel. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 requires that anyone involved in mounting, dressing or setting abrasive wheels is trained and certified.

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14 December, 2014

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Kelly Green
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