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Basic Management Skills


1 Day

Course Description

Who Is This Course Designed For: 

This course provides Managers with an introduction of their roles and responsibilities within their organisation, along with the skills needed to achieve this.

Course Content: 

  1.  Management levels 
  2. The Management process 
  3. Managerial skills and competencies 
  4. Types of managerial style 
  5. Leadership 
  6. Roles and responsibilities of supervision 
  7. Effective communications 
  8. Management of meetings 
  9. Problem solving 
  10. Decision making 
  11. Teamwork 
  12. Objective setting 
  13. Time management 
  14. Stress 
  15. Delegation


Basic Management skills are key things necessary for management staff to handle the responsibilities of the role. This course covers necessary things which you may face individually or as a member of a management team. Good management and leadership is essential if a business is to maximise its potential.

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Date Posted:
17 December, 2014

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Kelly Green
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