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Contract Recruitment

When you need the right person for the job

Finding the right help for a particularly difficult task can often feel like a separate job in itself. You may need an extra pair of hands to get your work done on schedule, you might need assistance from someone with specialist skills or expertise, or maybe you just need help to power through a busy period.

No matter what you need a contractor for, CSS will find the person you need so you can finish the job quickly, efficiently and safely. We’re proud to say that many companies across a wide range of sectors come to us first when they need a temporary role filling. Businesses the length and breadth of the UK know they can rely on us, which is how we’ve become a mainstay in the recruitment industry.

Candidates know they can trust us as well. We gained our well-earned reputation by treating candidates with the respect they deserve, and as such, we’ve formed meaningful connections by matching the right people with the best working environments.

Our Expertise

The heads of our industry departments worked in your sector before taking a role in recruitment. They understand what you want to achieve better than anyone else, and with their level of knowledge expertise, you can trust CSS to find the right people who can help you reach your goals.